Cast of Characters

(SPOILER WARNING! This cast list contains some information revealed in the course of the stories.)

Penny Levac
A trendsetter within her high school, a trend-watcher outside of it. Penny has long since mastered the "game" of high school popularity. Boys want her, girls want to be her. But she has only a few real friends, and is beginning to question her long-held career goals of acting, modeling and trophy wifedom.
Aggie d'Amour
Aggie is eccentric, easy to approach but hard to know. She likes being the weird one, the one no one can predict, and cultivates creative and political interests like poetry, art and animal rights. She hides considerable sadness about her mother's passing, and her crush on Marshall can reduce her to red-faced incoherence, but her wry wit carries her through most situations, and she's beginning to make friends she can count on.
Penny's best friend, and her only friend who argues with her on a regular basis. Sara has recently faced up to something she's long denied-- her own homosexuality-- which has led to her being targeted by vicious rumors. Both Penny and Sara worry that Sara's new "identity" may take her away from Penny, but despite a rough patch or two, so far they're closer than ever.
Penny's other best friend, who supported her in nearly all things. Her father's interest in publishing has put a strain on her finances and her relationship with him, and the end of her one-sided relationship with Stan has left her self-esteem at a dangerous low.
A former ugly duckling whom Penny and Aggie helped transform into a swan. She wasn't especially grateful. After sixteen years of loserdom, she finally has attractive looks and savoir faire, and relishes her newfound power over girls and boys alike. Through means fair and foul she has displaced Penny as the "alpha party-thrower." If she has a redeeming trait, it's that she considers her relationship with Marshall her greatest achievement.
The object of many girls' affections, and Karen's boyfriend. Marshall has a lot of poise and self-reliance, which conceals his insecurities from everyone but those who know him best. As a runner and a weight trainer, Marshall knows the human body well, but was guarded about his own body's impulses, only sleeping with Karen after a long period of trust-building.
A fast-talking go-getter, Stan plays the game of life to win. His self-serving side is usually evident and he uses obnoxious nicknames, but many forgive him easily, because he genuinely loves to see people smile. Though he can belittle others, he gets upset when he sees people belittled who aren't strong enough to take it.
Stan's right-hand man, quiet and self-effacing where Stan is loud and self-promotional. Jack's scrapper side only seems to come out under the influence of alcohol. Once convinced that he wasn't worthy of romance, Jack has begun getting very close to Katy-Ann.
A man's man of sixteen, Rich had ambitions to "have" the most popular girl in school and to become a professional skateboarder. He captured Penny's interest and maybe even her heart. Their on-again, off-again romance was passionate but finally succumbed to pride, misunderstandings and greatly different expectations in life.
A clever writer, magazine editor, class president-elect and cute nerd, Duane is friends with Aggie but had a serious thing for Penny, feelings she tried but failed to reciprocate. In recent months, he's been quietly exploring his Muslim heritage.
Although she's hooked up with many boys, Brandi is very secure and mature with them. She's less secure about dealing with girl politics, which led her to distance herself from Penny as tensions between Penny and others heated up. Although she has a rule against falling in love with casual sex partners, she and Stan may be beginning to break it.
An upbeat Christian, Katy-Ann may be too mature for her own good: her broad perspective on life sometimes blinds her to the importance her friends put on their own problems. But she can get serious when need be, and make tough choices, though she'll agonize about them before and after. Recently, she's begun courting Jack, her "co-worker" at the school play.
Aggie's father is that rare animal, a genuinely cool parent. A math teacher at a school other than Penny and Aggie's, he's at ease with teens and adults. He's less at ease with the prospect of dating again, not only because he misses Aggie's mom but because he doesn't want to hurt Aggie's feelings. Parenthood comes first for him.
An extremely athletic woman in her thirties, Charisma owns and manages Bronzo's Gym. She had Marshall young, without planning on it, got her tubes tied soon afterward, and continued a long string of largely physical relationships. Whoever he was, Marshall's father is long gone. Charisma cannot conceal her impatience with parenting, which has poisoned her relationship with her son and ultimately ended her relationship with Nick.
As self-consciously weird as Aggie. Lisa's passions are more pop-cultural than political, but once she and Aggie got the chance to talk, they bonded almost instantly. Lisa's angst-free, easygoing attitude has done Aggie a world of good.
Before Karen, before Aggie, Penny's archenemy was Meg, whom she compromised with embarrassing photos. Meg wants revenge and is willing to bide her time to get it. Though letting Karen take the lead in that effort, Meg feels superior to everyone, including Karen, and scarcely bothers to hide it.
When rumors circulated that Penny was a racist, Samantha bought into it and never stopped believing afterward. Most of her ideas are plagiarized from pop culture, and she excuses her failures with racist conspiracy theories ("white girls keepin' her down"). She still hasn't processed Obama's election. Now conspiring with Meg and Karen.
Cyndi's seemingly superficial interests-- celebrity gossip, reality shows-- have led many to underestimate her intelligence and ruthlessness. She's so skilled at playing the fool that it's sometimes hard to know whether she doesn't realize the bad consequences of her actions-- or if she just doesn't care.
Seen only in flashbacks and photos, Aggie's mother has been gone for three years, but still exerts an influence over her and Nick. She was a protestor, and a hippie long after it was fashionable.
Despite a superficial pleasantness, Tharqa seems to lack in ethics what she makes up in body mass. Along with Charlotte and perhaps Helen, one of the "omega wolves" of Penny and Aggie's high school, but pointedly excluded from Karen's friendslist, probably due to Karen's own weight issues.
Seldom seen without a gigantic crucifix necklace, Charlotte practices a stark brand of Christianity which can't conceal her deep, abiding, free-floating rage, a rage which finds outlets in cruel, dangerous pranks but seems directed inward as well as outward. She doesn't appear to be above fantasizing about Marshall.
Helen was close to Penny before Penny found "cooler friends," then to Charlotte and Tharqa before incurring Charlotte's wrath, and never fit in with Karen's self-confident clique. Her only relationship ended due to her boyfriend's disinterest. Such fortunes mean that Helen craves validation and approval. She consciously prefers "being used" to being discarded.
Fred and Daphne
The most public "gay couple" in Penny and Aggie's high school, although they're not "out" so much as very, very unsubtle. Fred seems to enjoy "living the cliches" of being a homosexual male, including makeovers, skin care and a general buoyancy. Daphne has selective fashion-blindness, a lot of sexual frustration and a judgmental nature she's working to change.
Bob and Elmer
Bob and Elmer's personalities are nearly interchangeable, from what we've seen. They're pretty nasty and sadistic, but not especially smart, popular, driven or tough, so the only people they can victimize are those already feeling pretty low.


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