I've figured Lisa out.

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Postby Azrael44 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:28 am

Interesting, well thought, and lucid thoughts Mr. C.

Personally, I always thought Lisa was easy. She is the living personification of the Imp of the Perverse. :P
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Postby Heather_Dee » Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:10 pm

Mr. Cales wrote:I reacted negatively because I thought of Lisa as just this wandering know-it-all jerk trickster character, and I can't stand those characters. Smug little pricks!

Though you are mostly correct on the pigeonhole thing. That just wasn't my reason for not liking her.

The tricksters can certainly be annoying sometimes. They often have this "I am on a plane above you lesser beings and have lowered myself to try to understand you." bit going on at times. How can you really care about something unless you've been there? Get your fingernails dirty like the rest of us and I'll consider taking you seriously, trickster.

Still Lisa is on my good list. She does try to help, unlike many who say they are but are really just trying to help themselves.

Mind you, I have played the trickster before, but then I've been many of those displayed here at one time or another as well.

Michael Ezra wrote:To me, Cyndi is a "love to hate" character because damn it, she's just so brilliant in her manipulativeness. Tharqa, Bob and Elmer, on the other hand, have no subtlety or cleverness or anything other than basic scumminess about them; these I simply hate/dislike without even the most grudging bit of respect.

Karen, as far as my reactions go, is somewhere in the middle. On the one hand, her villainy showed a considerable degree of planning, forethought and leadership skills, especially at the beginning of "The Popsicle War," so to me she doesn't quite fit into the "simply hate" category.

Michael Ezra wrote:Then there's the matter of sympathetic aspects, actions or backstories versus the lack of them, but that's a whole other scale of measurement. (One where I'd have to group Cyndi along with the dimbulb thuggish villains because we have yet to see a single aspect of her that's sympathetic in any way.)

Cyndi.. I can't really hate her because I just see her as an agent of nature. Dealing with her is like dealing with a wolf. Keep your distance (emotionally in this case) and she's a respectable nuisance, nothing more. The only way she's a threat is if they let her in and they really should know who to let in and who not to. Karen was a much bigger problem than Cyndi because there are so many people who will listen to anything from anyone if it sounds like there might be something in it for them. People were more tempted to let her become involved in their lives in some way, whereas the only people with any sense who'd let Cyndi in are those who don't know her or those who plan on using her. Karen 'hacks' human nature much better than this short-term vandalism displayed by Cyndi.
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